March 31, 2020


On the inaugral broadcast on Friday February 21, 213 at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern we launch into our series ‘Countdown to HiMSS 2013’.

We’ll feature bloggers, journalists, and the digital media producers responsible for the launch of ‘The Health Innovation Broadcast Consortium’ ( at HiMSS 2013, as well as participants, faculty and select exhibitors at the annual conference and exhibition in NOLA.

Might the paradigm be shifting in the health informatics space? So much is at stake, and with HiMSS putting itself in the center of the not only the transformation conversation but also in some way enabling if not picking the winners via the recently announced ‘innovation center’ the ante has been raised on the industry as whole. It is now time to ‘show me the [return] money’ pumped into the economy and select vendor coffers via HITECH and other incentive ‘investments. From ACOs to HIEs, and the emergence of electronic health insurance markets, the expectations from connectivity and seamless workflow cross enterprise integration have never been higher.

Join us for the ‘Countdown to HiMSS’ series beginning Friday, February 21st through March 8th, 2013.