May 27, 2020

Tracking Healthcare Innovation via ‘CMS Innovates’

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At the health innovation broadcast consortium ( aka we track, report and feature the spectrum of innovation initiative from ‘app to platform to business and/or service delivery model(s)’, including CMS spawned public/private sector collaborative strains.

To date, much of the innovation metabolism and thus eyeball capture can be associated with if not attributed to the predominantly ‘twenty-something’ niche market driven health, wellness and fitness type apps. For example, there has been much consideration extended to ‘mhealth’ bio-metric tracking apps like FitBit, MyBasis, RunKeeper, as well as consumer empowerment ‘pricing transparency’ plays via CastLight Health, Clear Health Costs, Change Healthcare, SimpleeHealth and Cake Health, yet other than the less well known (until recently thanks to Dave Chasebunker buster‘ pieces parts un and deux) direct practice or membership based models there has been precious little innovation at the service delivery and thus business model level.

For a dated though accurate yet high level piece on ‘flat rate medicine’ aka ‘direct practice’ or membership medicine courtesy of the innovators in the Pacific NorthWest Qlianceclick here.

[Editors Note: More on the re-emerging direct practice models (including Paladina Health and Iora Health) and space later….]

Meanwhile, thanks to the Affordable Care Act and in spite of the obsession by certain members of the House of Representatives to repeal the Act (I believe we’re up to 38 go nowhere attempts and the recent effort by House Ways and Means Committee to leverage the delay of the employer mandate into a political payday) the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid via the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation aka @CMSinnovates has made a national innovation tracking widget available:


The “Where Innovation is Happening” widget enables a user to embed an extension of the Innovation Model interactive map on their website. The widget has the following functionality:

Ability to link to national view of all Innovation Models by clicking on map image or title Drop-down menu to select a specific state which navigates user to the state view of all Innovation Models in the selected state

To access the California global data set, click here.

For the CMMI database of innovation models, from patient centered medical homes, to ACOs, bundled payment or value based pricing efforts, click here.




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