May 26, 2020

Health Datapalooza: Dr Sam Nussbaum, CMO @WellPoint

Posted on July 9, 2013 by in ACOs, Health Insurance, Patient Engagement

WellPoint Health Networks is an indisputable 800 pound gorilla in the health plan space. With deep roots in California via Blue Cross of California (remember the disruptive innovation beginning with ‘Prudent Buyer’ plan PPO?) and assembled by no other than high priest of health policy Leonard Schaeffer former Administrator of ‘HCFA’ the predecessor agency to CMS circa 1992, the bottom-line is when WellPoint talks – people [must] listen [and often], do copy [now think Medicare Advantage trail blazer CareMore.

Sam Nussbaum, MD is the Executive Vice President for Clinical Health Policy and Chief Medical Officer at WellPoint.  In this exchange, Dr Pat Salber chats with a seasoned high profile physician drilling into WellPoint’s take on the future of health reform, progress towards the ‘triple aim’, their transparency intentions and specifically whether they will participate in the Blue Button program any time soon.

On the data sharing side of things given we’re at ‘health datapalooza’ Dr. Nussbaum references multiple initiatives (both clinical and public health) and makes specific mention of a WellPoint subsidiary company ‘healthcore‘, a health services research organization integrating public health, pharmacoepidemiologic, health outcomes, and pharmacoeconomic research. Dr Nussbaum further notes on a strategic level that WellPoint:

‘…is partnering with many academic organizations. We’ve over 100 projects that look at outcomes…’

For the range of reach and eclectic mix of what’s happening at WellPoint, check out the ‘affiliated/specialty companies‘ in an expanding portfolio of both consumer facing, B2B and ‘B2G (Government) enterprises.





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