March 31, 2020

Health Datapalooza: Thomas Goetz Sees Interregnum Upside in ‘Lazy Data’

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def. (per Merriam-Webster)

– the time during which a throne is vacant between two successive reigns or regimes

– a period during which the normal functions of government or control are suspended

– a lapse or pause in a continuous series

My colleague and partner at ‘health innovation TV’ Dr Pat Salber at the Health Datapalooza IV in Washington DC chats with Thomas Goetz, aka @tgoetz former Executive Editor at digital ecosystem monitor if not occasional conduit Wired and recently appointed ‘entrepreneur-in-residence’ at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. For Goetz’s new venture see: Former Wired Editor Thomas Goetz Takes EIR Role At Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Pat probes Thomas on his shift from journalist to ‘resident entrepreneur’ at one of the power houses of health innovation via policy support for innovation through ideas and demonstrations. While Thomas is somewhat ‘mum’ on his proprietary entrepreneurial lens, he did offer to disclose insights incorporated into his honor’s thesis. In this chat he previews the concept of ‘lazy data’ and outlines the parameters of the industry shift in his line of sight.

Perhaps the ‘interregnum’ reflection has something to do with the gateway or conduit he sees in the ‘pause’ between industry ‘zeitgeists’ or bridge(s) envisioned to enable the volume to value shift.






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