March 31, 2020

Health Datapalooza: Boltyboy Chats with Health 2.0 Innovation Guru ‘JL’

Posted on July 8, 2013 by in Ben Chodor, digital health, healthcare apps

At Health Innovation TV we love working with Health 2.0 co-founder Matt Holt aka @boltyboy (and we’re still waiting on the ‘inside story’ on the genesis of the twitter handle). For example at HiMSS 13 we featured the ‘health 2.0 hour‘ with Matt Holt live from the exhibition hall, and a second sitting via our virtual studio setup outside the media center. Editor’s note: for a sample vibe check out the ‘role reversal’ interview with Happtique co-founder Ben Chodor aka @s57benchodor live from NOLA.

At this year’s ‘health datapalooza‘ IV gathering from the Omni Shoreham in Washington DC, we provided another opportunity for Matt to tag innovators and entrepreneurs of his choice and invite them in front of our cameras. First up is a chat with his colleague and partner who runs the ‘health 2.0 innovation business’ Jean Luc Neptune aka @jeanlucneptune on twitter. From a macro market perspective on the state of the challenge market, JL offers the following:

‘..we’re still very early in the history of running challenges. Remember the America Competes Act goes back to I think 2009 and many of the people in the Government who could be using challenges are just starting to wake up to the reality of what they can do. There’s a lot of education involved…. and a lot of what’s done in the Government is reflected in the private sector, so we’re seeing uptake there as well…’  JL Neptune      

Jean Luc is charged with the challenge portion of the development business and as the point man in the segment his insights are not to be taken lightly. For more information on Health 2.0 Challenge program click here


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