March 31, 2020

Health Datapalooza IV: Andy Oram Chats with Jeanne Pinder, CEO Clear Health Costs

Posted on June 18, 2013 by in Health IT, Innovation, Patient Empowerment

Andy Oram (@praxagora) chats with Jeanne Pinder, CEO of Clear Health Costs (@CHCosts) at Health Datapalooza IV. @CHCosts is a transparency and consumer empowerment play launched in the New York metro area with expansion into other markets over time.

An inquisitive former journalist Pinder explains the opaque nature of the consumer health market and how @CHCosts intends to empower patients and/or those in the market for hospital, physician or other health services. A recent study of mammogram pricing is discussed. Observing certain ‘abnormalities’ in pricing for a somewhat ‘routine’ procedure Pinder notes:

…if it looks like this in this small corner of the healthcare marketplace where we expect things to be routine and predictable – with over 37 million mammograms performed annually – you can imagine what havoc there is in other things like brain surgery, oncology, emergency appendectomies, MRIs, colonoscopies, and the list goes on…

For more information, see: How much does a mammogram cost? Prices, payments vary widely, our survey with WNYC finds. For the refernced audio interview, see: The Brian Lehrer Show ‘Explainer: Mammograms’.



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