March 31, 2020

Health Innovation: HealthCamp Meets the Convergence Summit?

Posted on May 27, 2013 by in digital health, News, wireless health

Rob McCray WLSA 2012In a sea of Johnny come lately and often ‘me too’ conferences claiming authoritative standing in the digital health and biotech sector conversations, a voice with earned ‘street cred’ as one of if not the ‘grandaddy of them all’ is the ‘Convergence Summit’ produced by the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA).

For the 2013 Summit, Rob McCray et al, have pushed the envelope for the annual San Diego gathering via a power packed faculty choreographed into a timely series of high impact (if not organically unfolding) presentations.

This year I understand amidst a parsed mix of innovation updates, an ‘un-conference’ like breakout session facilitated by a talented group process leader will tap into and express the innovation metabolism from conference attendees and faculty. This should be fun, as some have previously observed:

‘the mind can only absord, that which the seat can endure..’

And if you’ve ever been to an un-conference whether HealthCamp San Diego, Barcamp San Diego  or derivatives you know this isn’t you’re run of the mill (I talk, you listen) passive conference experience.

HeathCamp SF Bay

Matthew Browning at HealthCamp SF Bay 2011 | Principles of the ‘Un-conference’

So if you haven’t committed to attend this gathering yet, do check out the agenda here, and if visuals provide an incentive, how bout the pan views from either the Hotel Del or Pacific Park amusement venue as additional food for thought. NOTE: May is often one of the best times of the year to join us in San Diego.



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