May 27, 2020

An Evening with Bhava Ram: Live from the University of San Diego

Posted on May 8, 2013 by in News

For me this represents the 4th entry on this blog and other social media about a man whom I have come to know, and value quite a bit (see: Get Up Daddy’: Bhava Ram’s Journey of Recovery from Stage 4 Cancer‘, ‘From Stage 4 Cancer (Depleted Uranium Exposure) War Correspondent Shares Recovery Journey’, and our radio interview on ‘This Week in Oncology‘).

I first met Bhava Ram fka Brad Willis, an alpha male former war correspondent for NBC news at the UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine session on ‘Integrative Oncology‘. Bhava was one of 4 documented ‘miraculous’ cancer remission case studies. As I sat and listened to this man’s story including that of Norman J. Arnold and Glenn Sabin it struck me that these men were examples of empowered patients albeit none of then connected with the label nor some of the poster faces commonly associated with a nascent movement.

As result, I approached Bhava and Glenn (Norman was not in attendance but participated by telephone) asking if they would be interested in telling their stories on the radio and sitting for a video experience sharing their narrative and journeys. Bhava said yes, and the above is the by-product of that willingness.drmiller

The session is a real treat with context set by Bhava’s lovely wife and apparent inspiration Emmet Miller, MD who is one of the early western trained physicians to embrace mind, body medicine. So this post caps an impressive run and giant leap forward for integrative medicine here in San Diego; where two nationally known academic institutions (though the University of San Diego, Institute for Peace and Justice was only a host to the program, not a sponsor nor organizer) lent their time, facilities and intellectual capital to these important events in the health innovation theater. Enjoy!







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