March 31, 2020

DoMoreHIT: One Year Later – Are We “Meaningfully Present Yet’?

Posted on March 20, 2013 by in ACOs, Connectivity, Health IT

Courtesy of the healthcare leadership group at the biggest company in the healthIT space that know one knows about, i.e., @DellHealth, a round two of this think tank concept engaging thought leaders, social media personalites such as mois (@2healthguru) and masterfully moderated by HealthIT evangelist Brian Ahier aka @ahier, a bunch of bright, thoughtful and opionated peeps gathered at W Dallas to explore the landscape in a post HiMSS13 of sorts ‘debrief’.

So check it out, determine for yourself should we ‘do more HIT’, and if so, what kind? Where is it working? Where might we be wasting time, talent and money?  Where do we need to focus our lens of continuous improvement for maximum community benefit? And finally where is the patient in the exchange relationship? Will the benefits of health IT accrue proportionately and empower patients or caregivers to engage providers in such a way that the ‘triple aim’ (improved experience of care, improved population health and lower per capita costs) can be realized, or is this just another acronym tagged, government led initiative likely to fall short of restraining the appetite of a very hungry industry that in Shannon Brownlee ‘s words in the documentary Escape Fire just ‘…doesn’t want to stop making money’?

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