March 31, 2020

5 Days in March: A Tale of Independent Media Passion, Determination and Agility

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Meet the Health Innovation Broadcast Consortium ( The domain ‘born on’ date was 2.12.13. The effort would focus on the five days in March (3rd – 7th) when that sea of health informatics humanity and related interests associated with HiMSS (the Health Information Management Systems Society) descended upon ‘the City of New Orleans’ for it’s annual show, tell, learn, mingle and connect ritual.

Michael Byer, Kathy Fowler and HIBCtv Team

Initial seeding of the vision came via four independent health care, social media, health tech and entrepreneurial infected peeps who intermittently began a discontinuous conversation (thank you Google Hangouts) around how to best cover, share and create live journalistic meaning from this annual sojourn while leveraging our individual core capabilities.

As independents with no deep pocket support behind the idea, the first issue was how to get there, secure the needed infrastructure, and cover expenses to, from, and during the stay in ‘the big easy’. Our funding strategy was twofold: we created a prospectus and shopped it to a few players we thought might avail themselves of the on site studio quality production capabilities, and decided to put a ‘retail offer’ on the street for the crowd’s consideration via Medstartr and Health Tech Hatch.

Yet, the original ‘lean vision’  was to reach out and appeal to the peeps at uStream (you know, ‘we have seen the future and it is live’ folk as articulated at SxSW in 2010) to see if we could obtain a wireless enabled video camera pack that would allow us to travel to and from people, places and things attached to HiMSS that could be considered innovative or otherwise interesting. [NOTE: I first became aware of this live wireless mobile capability watching the Occupy Movements in San Francisco, New York and Oakland. My Oakland source informed me that uStream occasionally offered the pack ‘pro-bono’ when they thought the event was worthy of on the ground live streaming coverage.]

Rob Lamberts MD and HIBCtv Team

During our strategy and planning sessions the conversation shifted to retaining the needed infrastructure (camera, streaming capabilities, studio, and staff ‘crash pad’) to accommodate the team’s reporting.

We scurried about stitching together the needed assets and production scenarios. After the ‘sticker shock’ wore off from the costs of outsourcing and importing and staging an offsite studio option adjacent to the Morial Convention Center (the venue location), we ratcheted back the plan a bit and went with the one camera set-up, and handled all shooting ourselves – no conference live streaming professionals.

The bottom line is we pulled off what we believe to be a first in the health tech innovation space. You be the judge. All of the live interviews were recorded and are streaming 24/7 via

Lest we not name the ideation and fulfillment production crew we are: Pat Salber, MD aka @Docweighins, Host The Doctor Weighs In & Health Tech Hatch, Nate DiNiro, aka @UncleNate, Open Affairs TV, Leonard Kish aka @Leonard Kish and yours truly Gregg Masters, aka @2healthguru, XanateMedia and ACO watch.

Enjoy the clips, and please support independent media via Health Tech Hatch and/or Medstartr!

Many thanks to Alex Fair, aka @AlexbFair and Medstartr for his crowd funding support and ‘sage guidance’ during the concept phase of our efforts. logo design and artwork provided by Lon Levin aka @levinland.

All reporters, bloggers and hosts who made this effort possible will be recognized in a separate post shortly!




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