‘Uncommon’ CommonWell Alliance Unveiled at HiMSS13

While we got a whiff of this during Neil Versel’s interview with Athena’s Jonathan Bush at the House of Blues after party, on Monday March 4th David McCallie of Cerner Corporation and Arien Malec of RelayHealth discuss the novel CommonWell Alliance announced at HIMSS13 in New Orleans.

Some may say the CommonWell Alliance is long overdue. Perhaps largely driven by a combination of carrot and stick provisions written into both the American Recovery and Reinvestment and Affordable Care Acts, and principally as a respondse to the changing role of patient interests in the traditionally provider centric healthcare system, Adrian Gropper opines at the health care blog a counter view in ‘CommonWell Is a Shame and a Missed Opportunity.’

Via HiMSS13 TV

Meanwhile, with perhaps some dissent on the ranks of the Society for Participatory Medicine via it’s house organ e-Patients.net, @ePatientDave has a slightly less cantankerous¬†view on the upside of the CommonWell Alliance in Biggest HIMSS news for e-patient families: CommonWell Health [data] Alliance.

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