March 31, 2020

Some of the Best of the HIMSS13 Interviews (So Far Anyway….)

Posted on March 7, 2013 by in Medicine, News, Patient Empowerment

As host of TDWI, I am a founding member of the new consortium together with Nate DiNiro of OpenAffairsTV  and Gregg Masters of XanateMedia.  Alex Fair and myself are also helping out by crowdfunding the effort on our respectives sites:  HealthTechHatch and Medstartr.  We are doing our inaugural programming at HIMSS’13 in beautiful New Orleans.

Here are some of the interesting interviews that we have “in the box” so far:

  • Well known healthcare journalist, Neil Versel (@nversel) does his annual interview with Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush recorded live by from House of Blues.How often to you get to see the interviewer and interviewee clink beer bottles before embarking on a wide-ranging interview about EHRs, and open data, and the death of software.  Fun.  Click here to view video
  • Judy Murphy, RN is the Deputy National Coordinator at the Office of the National Coordinator and also a founding member of the Alliance for Nursing Informatics.  Judy talks about the key role nurses play in patient/family adoption of technology, particularly mobile technology to support patient engagement and better outcomes.  Click here to view video.

Jackets of the Walking Gallery

  • By far the funniest EHR vendor video you will ever see – Brantley Whittington, CEO of Extormity explains his strategy for dominating the EHR space by being “Expensive, Exasperating, and Exhausting.”  He starts by talking about a recent survey he did of his customer base where he found they had unprecedented levels of dissatisfaction – way beyond the industry average…in fact close to 50% of users are planning to disinstall!  Click here to view the video.

This is just a smattering of the many terrific interviews recorded at HIMSS13 by the team (@docweighsin@2healthguru@unclenate@leonardkish and affiliated bloggers, journalists and healthcare “personalities.”  To view the entire library of interviews, go to


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