March 31, 2020

Blast From the Past: Dell Health ‘Think Tank’ @ HiMSS 2012

Posted on February 19, 2013 by in Health IT


I had the honor of being invited to attend and participate in a ‘think tank’ hosted by the Dell Healthcare aka @Dellhealth at the Palazzo in Las Vegas during the HiMSS 2012 Conference. Tweets, though limited, were tagged #domoreHIT. For a partial digital recap click here. It was an impressive and somewhat eclectic assembly of popular ‘healthtweeps’ including @ahier, @DrJosephKim, @pjmachado, @JaniceMccallum, @MicrosoftMD, @nversel, @SmyrnaGirl, @drwalker_rph and @cstineman.

The group  was thrown some ‘ignite type’ questions by a moderator for about 90+ minutes. I found myself both engaged mentally and emotionally yet, unable to connect with the threads until about the 1:26:30 mark. Take a look at the entire event end-to-end, there are genuine insights and select quote-worthy observations, for instance:

‘..the elephant in the room we’re all talking about is the business rules & screwed up incentives…’ @MicrosoftMD

‘.. a lot of venture capital has jumped into healthcare without realizing what healthcare is all about..’ @nversel

‘…how can we talk about “big data” or population health, managed care, or better use of IT when we don’t have fundamental use of IT?’ John-David Lovelock, Gartner

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