Dr Pat Salber Chats with Dr C. Anthony Jones of Philips Healthcare

Dr Pat Salber chats with C. Anthony Jones, MD at HiMSS 2013 in New Orleans.

Dr. Jones is the Chief Marketing Officer for Philips Healthcare’s Patient Care and Clinical Informatics business group, a $2 billion global business. In this role, Dr. Jones oversees all strategic marketing activities, messaging, partnerships and alliances as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Dr. Jones’ experience in healthcare information is grounded in an academic background that includes a degree in medicine from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a postdoctoral fellowship in medical informatics at Columbia University. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Kentucky where he received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and presently resides in the Boston area with his wife.

Before Philips, Dr. Jones was the President and CEO of Next Lifesciences, a marketing strategy firm catering to a broad array of healthcare and life sciences companies. Next developed growth initiatives for global organizations such as Medtronic, Baxter, and Reliance Industries (India) as well as several mid-sized, venture-backed companies.Dt Pat Salber & Dr C. Anthony Jones

Prior to starting Next Lifesciences, Dr. Jones was a strategy consultant – first at Deloitte Consulting, then as Vice President of Global Health and Wellness at Scient, the leading ebusiness services company of its time. At Scient, he led major strategic projects for Fortune 500 companies and is considered an expert on digital eCare platforms – remote therapy management solutions for monitoring patient care, compliance and adherence. While at Scient, he led the strategy and implementation for one of the market’s first global eCare platforms that was deployed in nearly a dozen countries and five different languages.

Before his consulting career, Dr. Jones was Director of Online Services at Reuters Health, a division of Reuters America. In that role, he directed the development of ReutersHealth.com, the Internet’s first healthcare news licensing business that ultimately became Reuters’ first successful foray into the healthcare information market and one of its first profitable, purely online businesses.


Physician and Executive Coach Margaret (Maggi) Cary MD MBA MPH at XX In Health DC

We caught up with Margaret (Maggi) Cary, MD MBA MPH at the DC edition of ‘XX in Health‘ sponsored by Rock Health.

Maggi is a DC based Executive and Leadership Coach and Consultant who works with both corporate and physician executives. Clients include physicians and healthcare executives at University of Maryland School of Medicine, The Mayo Clinic, University of South Florida, University of Massachusetts Medical School, University of South Florida. SupporTED coach and TEDMED Great Challenge facilitator. Maggi is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine and Director, Physician Leadership Development at the Veterans Health Administration.

Fresh from her coaching session at XX in Health DC 2013, Maggi sat for a brief chat on some of the themes she discussed during her session including work life balance, creating your own path and staying true to yourself.





Tracking Healthcare Innovation via ‘CMS Innovates’

At the health innovation broadcast consortium (HIBC.tv) aka HealthInnovation.tv we track, report and feature the spectrum of innovation initiative from ‘app to platform to business and/or service delivery model(s)’, including CMS spawned public/private sector collaborative strains.

To date, much of the innovation metabolism and thus eyeball capture can be associated with if not attributed to the predominantly ‘twenty-something’ niche market driven health, wellness and fitness type apps. For example, there has been much consideration extended to ‘mhealth’ bio-metric tracking apps like FitBit, MyBasis, RunKeeper, as well as consumer empowerment ‘pricing transparency’ plays via CastLight Health, Clear Health Costs, Change Healthcare, SimpleeHealth and Cake Health, yet other than the less well known (until recently thanks to Dave Chasebunker buster‘ pieces parts un and deux) direct practice or membership based models there has been precious little innovation at the service delivery and thus business model level.

For a dated though accurate yet high level piece on ‘flat rate medicine’ aka ‘direct practice’ or membership medicine courtesy of the innovators in the Pacific NorthWest Qlianceclick here.

[Editors Note: More on the re-emerging direct practice models (including Paladina Health and Iora Health) and space later….]

Meanwhile, thanks to the Affordable Care Act and in spite of the obsession by certain members of the House of Representatives to repeal the Act (I believe we’re up to 38 go nowhere attempts and the recent effort by House Ways and Means Committee to leverage the delay of the employer mandate into a political payday) the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid via the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation aka @CMSinnovates has made a national innovation tracking widget available:


The “Where Innovation is Happening” widget enables a user to embed an extension of the Innovation Model interactive map on their website. The widget has the following functionality:

Ability to link to national view of all Innovation Models by clicking on map image or title Drop-down menu to select a specific state which navigates user to the state view of all Innovation Models in the selected state

To access the California global data set, click here.

For the CMMI database of innovation models, from patient centered medical homes, to ACOs, bundled payment or value based pricing efforts, click here.




Health Datapalooza: Dr Sam Nussbaum, CMO @WellPoint

WellPoint Health Networks is an indisputable 800 pound gorilla in the health plan space. With deep roots in California via Blue Cross of California (remember the disruptive innovation beginning with ‘Prudent Buyer’ plan PPO?) and assembled by no other than high priest of health policy Leonard Schaeffer former Administrator of ‘HCFA’ the predecessor agency to CMS circa 1992, the bottom-line is when WellPoint talks – people [must] listen [and often], do copy [now think Medicare Advantage trail blazer CareMore.

Sam Nussbaum, MD is the Executive Vice President for Clinical Health Policy and Chief Medical Officer at WellPoint.  In this exchange, Dr Pat Salber chats with a seasoned high profile physician drilling into WellPoint’s take on the future of health reform, progress towards the ‘triple aim’, their transparency intentions and specifically whether they will participate in the Blue Button program any time soon.

On the data sharing side of things given we’re at ‘health datapalooza’ Dr. Nussbaum references multiple initiatives (both clinical and public health) and makes specific mention of a WellPoint subsidiary company ‘healthcore‘, a health services research organization integrating public health, pharmacoepidemiologic, health outcomes, and pharmacoeconomic research. Dr Nussbaum further notes on a strategic level that WellPoint:

‘…is partnering with many academic organizations. We’ve over 100 projects that look at outcomes…’

For the range of reach and eclectic mix of what’s happening at WellPoint, check out the ‘affiliated/specialty companies‘ in an expanding portfolio of both consumer facing, B2B and ‘B2G (Government) enterprises.





Health Datapalooza: Get Real Health VP, ‘We Did Patient Engagement Before It Was Cool’

Fresh from the main stage at Health Datapalooza Health Innovation TV reporter and partner at On The Marc Media Kathy Fowler aka @kathleenOTMM grabs some air time with Cortney Nicolato, Vice President, Healthcare Strategies of Get Real Health (@GetReal_Health).

Nicolato offers a definition of patient engagement noting Get Real Health has been in the space ‘before it was cool’, i.e., dubbed the blockbuster drug of the century, notes both progress and changes in the market place for patient engagement platforms, and discusses the ‘instant PHR‘ a patient engagement ecosystem.

Get Real Health has:

‘built 50+ applications both here in the United States and around the world for hospital systems..’

One of those client systems is Medstar Health a non-profit regional health system serving metro D.C. and surrounding Maryland. The ‘ehealth 2 go‘ is a private labeled Instant PHR project leveraging the HealthVault platform which copy states it allows members to:

  • Create and keep your own lifetime medical record
  • Track how your health is doing and identify health trends
  • Make your health information available “24/7,” when and where it is needed
  • Access logs, resources and helpful information for managing your health

Nicolato enumerates some of the ROI metrics associated with their diabetes program, increases in health literacy and improved access to needed services.



Health Datapalooza: Boltyboy Chats with Health 2.0 Innovation Guru ‘JL’

At Health Innovation TV we love working with Health 2.0 co-founder Matt Holt aka @boltyboy (and we’re still waiting on the ‘inside story’ on the genesis of the twitter handle). For example at HiMSS 13 we featured the ‘health 2.0 hour‘ with Matt Holt live from the exhibition hall, and a second sitting via our virtual studio setup outside the media center. Editor’s note: for a sample vibe check out the ‘role reversal’ interview with Happtique co-founder Ben Chodor aka @s57benchodor live from NOLA.

At this year’s ‘health datapalooza‘ IV gathering from the Omni Shoreham in Washington DC, we provided another opportunity for Matt to tag innovators and entrepreneurs of his choice and invite them in front of our cameras. First up is a chat with his colleague and partner who runs the ‘health 2.0 innovation business’ Jean Luc Neptune aka @jeanlucneptune on twitter. From a macro market perspective on the state of the challenge market, JL offers the following:

‘..we’re still very early in the history of running challenges. Remember the America Competes Act goes back to I think 2009 and many of the people in the Government who could be using challenges are just starting to wake up to the reality of what they can do. There’s a lot of education involved…. and a lot of what’s done in the Government is reflected in the private sector, so we’re seeing uptake there as well…’  JL Neptune      

Jean Luc is charged with the challenge portion of the development business and as the point man in the segment his insights are not to be taken lightly. For more information on Health 2.0 Challenge program click here


Health Datapalooza: Thomas Goetz Sees Interregnum Upside in ‘Lazy Data’


def. (per Merriam-Webster)

- the time during which a throne is vacant between two successive reigns or regimes

- a period during which the normal functions of government or control are suspended

- a lapse or pause in a continuous series

My colleague and partner at ‘health innovation TV’ Dr Pat Salber at the Health Datapalooza IV in Washington DC chats with Thomas Goetz, aka @tgoetz former Executive Editor at digital ecosystem monitor if not occasional conduit Wired and recently appointed ‘entrepreneur-in-residence’ at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. For Goetz’s new venture see: Former Wired Editor Thomas Goetz Takes EIR Role At Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Pat probes Thomas on his shift from journalist to ‘resident entrepreneur’ at one of the power houses of health innovation via policy support for innovation through ideas and demonstrations. While Thomas is somewhat ‘mum’ on his proprietary entrepreneurial lens, he did offer to disclose insights incorporated into his honor’s thesis. In this chat he previews the concept of ‘lazy data’ and outlines the parameters of the industry shift in his line of sight.

Perhaps the ‘interregnum’ reflection has something to do with the gateway or conduit he sees in the ‘pause’ between industry ‘zeitgeists’ or bridge(s) envisioned to enable the volume to value shift.






Crowds Care for Cancer Supporting Survivors Challenge

crowds care for cancer

Since it’s launch on April 30th 2013, the joint Office of the National Coordinator for HealthIT (ONC) and National Cancer Institute (NCI) ‘Crowds Care for Cancer: Supporting Survivors‘ challenge supported by the Health 2.o Development Challenge and Medstartr crowd sourcing platforms has garnered a fair amount of national and regional attention. On the leading edge of fueling if not defining the patient engagement workflow/healthtech interface this vital public/private partnership format seems to be igniting the private sectors imagination while supporting development innovation with essential concept, seed or intellectual capital.

As we publish this post the finalists are in their closing days of crowd source funding. The leader board and individual app pages can be sourced here. This second and final round of competition will award the first place prize to the application that receives the most amount of funding support. For individual pages, see: Patients With Power, Journey Forward: My Care Plan and Together.

The response to the request for submissions exceeded the sponsors expectations by a 3x multiple, and according to many of the judges in the process the applicant pool was of very high quality making the judging process somewhat of an unexpected challenge.

For complete program details, see: Crowds Care for Cancer Challenge: Supporting Survivors.

To access all of the individual finalist interviews on our partner site ‘This Week in Oncology‘ click on the appropriate show in the media player below:



Health DataPalooza IV: Crowds Care for Cancer Challenge

Principals in the ‘Crowds Care for Cancer: Supporting Survivors Challenge‘ gathered together on June 4th 2013 at the Health Datapalooza IV in Washington DC, to discuss the jointly sponsored program between the Office of the National Coordinator for HealthIT (ONC) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) hosted by the Medstartr crowd funding and Challenge platform.

In this clip, Dr Pat Salber, cofounder Health Innovation TV and CEO of HealthTech Hatch discusses the ‘Crowds Care for Cancer: Supporting Survivors Challenge‘ with Adam Wong, Challenge Program Manager at Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC),  Abdul Shaikh, PhD, Project Director, National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Alex Fair, CEO of Medstartr.

The session provides and overview of the program while announcing the three finalists, including:

For complete details, click here.



Health Datapalooza IV: Jeanne Pinder Chats with Pat Salber and Alex Fair

Jeanne Pinder, CEO of Clear Health Costs (@CHCosts) chats with Dr Pat Salber, CEO of HealthTech Hatch (@HealthTechHatch) and Alex Fair, CEO of Medstartr (@Medstartr) at the Health Datapalooza IV in Washington DC.

Learn about the two competing healthcare focused crowd funding platforms and their different approaches to the market.

Pat Salber discusses the recent Challenge with Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), titled Blue Button Co-design Challenge, and Alex Fair highlights the ONC and National Cancer Institute co-sponsored ‘Crowds Care for Cancer: Supporting Survivors Challenge‘. Featuring the 3 finalists including:

Moderator Jeanne Pinder also walks us thought her healthcare pricing transparency service ‘Clear Health Costs’.